API Summit 2019
Das große Trainingsevent für Web APIs mit Java, .NET und Node.js
17. - 19. Juni in München

Thorsten Hans

Thorsten Hans
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Thorsten Hans

Thinktecture AG

Thorsten works as a developer and consultant at Thinktecture AG in Germany. He’s engaged in the design and implementation of cross platform solutions for enterprise customers. He’s also teaching and coaching enterprise developers to craft modern line of business applications for all platforms using a single code base. In his spare time, he spends time with his family, mountain bikes in the beautiful south west of Germany, and of course does software development. He shares many of his experiments and experiences on his blog at www.xplatform.rocks or publishes samples and open-source projects on GitHub at https://github.com/ThorstenHans. Because of his strong community contributions, he’s been repeatedly awarded as MVP by Microsoft.

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